Off to the Movies!

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Masters: StephJ (amber, aquamarines), Xtina (dandelions), Zenit (capefoxes, casablancalilies, bluepeafowls, clydesdales, snowleopards, emeralds)— Congratulations!
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Happy Sunday! I hope y'all are having a great week. I'm excited for today; some local theaters are doing a special showing of Fargo for its 25th Anniversary so I'm taking my dad to see it, since it's one of his favorites. (If you've never seen it and like black comedies, I highly recommend it! It's a wild ride of a film). I love events like these; a lot of my favorite movies pre-date me, but with anniversary showings I actually get the chance to see them on the big screen! Are there any movies you wish you could catch in the theater, maybe because you missed it the first time or because it came out before you were born? You can take a choice card for your answer!

As a head's up, we might not have an update next week. I have been unexpectedly scheduled to work next weekend (this is unusual; I usually have them off) and might not have a chance to post anything. But we'll do a double deck release the following week to make up for it, and you guys are of course welcome to play the games again for that week with or without an update.

That's about all from me. Have a great week, and Happy Trading!

New Decks

You may take a total of 5 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra from that deck. Comment with what you take!

Or you can use the Update Randomizer to select your cards for you!

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