Let's Write a Novel!

Level Ups: Bree, Cami, Chloe, Cici, Gem, Hotaru, Kayori, Kupo, Mysti, Nicolie, Ramona, Suza, Whitney, Zenit— Congratulations!
Masters: Bree (comets, plainszebras, rainbows, flowerfields, giantpandas, auroraborealis, thesun, tulips, lavender, manatees, bloodstones, japaneseraccoondogs, rubies, siberianhuskies, themoon, amethysts), Cami (arcticfoxes, amethysts, cherryblossoms), Chloe (redfoxes, constellations, galaxies, arcticwolves, casablancalilies, africanpygmyhedgehogs, oceans, lakes, snow), Cici (asiaticlions, axolotls, blackbears, caves, clouds, fennecfoxes, forests, glaciers, hydrangeas, japaneseraccoondogs, mountainlions, snowflakes, spiderwebs, lakes, sunflowers, themoon, thesun, tornados, waterfalls, lavender), Gem (lakes, fog, sunrises, strawberries, cherryblossoms, caves, lavender), Hotaru (beagles, hydrangeas, lapislazuli, greatwhitesharks, sunflowers, strawberries, bengalfoxes, snowflakes, eclipses, manatees, theearth, bumblebees, comets, coralreefs, galaxies, lakes, lilacs, tulips, volcanos, lavender, mountainzebras, opals, orangeclownfish, orcas), Kayori (fossils, budgies, giantpandas, morphobutterflies, orangeclownfish, asiaticlions, bioluminescentbeaches, whitelions, africanpygmyhedgehogs, beagles, monarchbutterflies, balimynas, rain, fog, mountainlions, manatees, peonies, casablancalilies, cheetahs, snowflakes, marblecaves, rosequartz), Kupo (blueringedoctopuses, eclipses, japaneseraccoondogs, mountainzebras, rainbows, redfoxes, swallowtailbutterflies, themoon, flowerfields, tulips, westerncoyotes, mountainlions, rosequartz, beagles, constellations, stars, manatees), Mysti (giantpandas, eclipses, casablancalilies, morphobutterflies, rain, auroraborealis, flowerfields, peonies, axolotls, spiderwebs, cherryblossoms, waterfalls, galaxies), Nicolie (arcticwolves, amethysts, andeanfoxes, asiaticlions, bioluminescentbeaches, comets, darnerdragonflies, mountainzebras, greatwhitesharks, mountainlions, germanshepherds, fennecfoxes, strawberries, bengalfoxes, constellations, opals, orangeclownfish, rain, snowflakes, tornados, swallowtailbutterflies, westerncoyotes, galaxies, rainbows, waterfalls), Ramona (comets, constellations, eclipses, flowerfields, theearth, americancrows, beagles, bengalfoxes), Suza (glaciers, forests, auroraborealis, bioluminescentbeaches, blackbears, bloodstones, clouds, grevyszebras, hydrangeas, fog, grandcanyon, greatwhitesharks, lakes, sunflowers, theearth), Whitney (americancrows, amethysts, auroraborealis, beagles, bluejays, comets, commonravens, constellations, eclipses, germanshepherds, lakes, lapislazuli, lightning, monarchbutterflies, oceans, polarbears, rain, rubies, siberianhuskies, snow, stars, strawberries, sunflowers, theearth, thesun, tulips, waterfalls), Xtina (polarbears, snow, sunrises, waterfalls), Zenit (mountainzebras, redfoxes, andeanfoxes, beagles, rain, strawberries, sunflowers, volcaniceruptions, whitejapaneseraccoondogs, giantpandas, greatwhitesharks, themoon, westerncoyotes, plainszebras, batearedfoxes), april (americancrows, casablancalilies, cherryblossoms, fog, fossils, lapislazuli, lavender)— Congratulations!
Game Updates: Weekly



Happy November! I hope you guys enjoyed October; I know I had a blast. We've got a lot to cover this week, so let's jump right in:


The Halloween Event is now in wrap-up! You can no longer knock on other player's houses. You have until 9am EST tomorrow, November 2, to answer any remaining knocks you have waiting. You will still have access to your haul until November 8; please make sure you collect your goodies before then! An event shop has also been opened for you to trade any leftover Candy in for Dewdrops.

Event wrap-up will last until November 8. Leftover Candy and goodies do not carry over; make sure you finish up what you need to do before then or you'll lose them forever!

I hope you guys had fun!


To help replenish our deck supplies, Naturally is holding it's first Donation Drive this month! From now until November 30, donation limits are lifted and rewards are doubled. This means you can submit an unlimited number of donations this month!

For those of you who remember, I did initially state that unlimited donations would only be available from November 15 - 30. I had to revise this, because...


Bree and Suza have been kind enough to lend their services as deck makers! Thanks to their (insatiable) dedication, we've completely blown thrown my backlog of deck images. Everyone say, "Thank you, Bree and Suza!"


Kayori has hit our level cap, and we have a few people who aren't too far behind. Since I'd still like there to be room for growth, I've made a minor expansion on our currently leveling structure.

This being the case, we now have Level 10+! Essentially, once you hit Level 10, you can continue to apply for level up rewards for every additional 500 card milestone. So when you reach 2500, 3000, 3500, etc. you can submit a level up form for Level 10 again.

You'll still remain at Level 10, but this way hitting the level cap doesn't prevent you from getting rewards for increasing your card collectiong.


The Halloween event wiped out a lot of our collections, I'm sure. I was maybe a tad too generous with the Candy/Card ratio, haha. The donation drive will hopefully help us fill things back out, but I was curious if you guys would be interested in a system for re-mastering decks (with a little extra challenge) for additional rewards?

If so, what kind of additional rewards would entice you into participating? I was considering custom master badges; would that be of interest to you guys?

You can take a choice card for your answer.


Whew! That was a lot of ground to cover, but that should be everything... here's your bonus wish for the week:

Also, apologies that the double release is 1 deck short. I wanted to get us back to a nice round number after releasing 6 last week, haha.

That's about it. Happy November, Happy Novel Writing (if you're participating), and as always, Happy Trading!

New Decks

You may take a total of 9 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra from that deck. Comment with what you take!

Or you can use the Update Randomizer to select your cards for you!

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