Happy Halloween!

New Members: Chloe — Welcome to Naturally!
Level Ups: Chloe, Gem, Hotaru, Kayori, Kupo, Lex, Mysti, Ramona, Suza, Zenit— Congratulations!
Masters: Bree (arcticfoxes, cherryblossoms, clouds, sunsets, budgies, galaxies), Chloe (whitelions, amethysts, arcticfoxes, asiaticlions, waterfalls, sunflowers), Cici (beagles, bluejays, auroraborealis, commonravens, fog, rubies, sapphires, strawberries, westerncoyotes, fossils), Gem (clouds, constellations, arcticfoxes, oceans, rain, stars, amethysts, forests), Hotaru (fog, batearedfoxes, lightning, redfoxes, sapphires, westerncoyotes, bioluminescentbeaches, fennecfoxes, andeanfoxes, whitejapaneseraccoondogs), Kayori (spiderwebs, darnerdragonflies, bluejays, glaciers, waterfalls, blueringedoctopuses, flowerfields, grandcanyon, siberianhuskies, greatwhitesharks, diamonds, rainbows, rainbows, tornados, commonravens), Kupo (axolotls, plainszebras, auroraborealis, graywolves, lightning, giantpandas, arcticfoxes, snow, strawberries, sunrises, bioluminescentbeaches, theearth, whitejapaneseraccoondogs, greatwhitesharks), Lex (bloodstones, rain), Mysti (theearth, clouds, monarchbutterflies, themoon, constellations, budgies, stars, volcaniceruptions, balimynas, commonravens, comets, bloodstones, lightning, tornados), Ramona (arcticfoxes, bumblebees, giantpandas, lilacs, waterfalls, andeanfoxes, arcticwolves, balimynas, batearedfoxes), Suza (constellations, coralreefs, darnerdragonflies, japaneseraccoondogs, blueringedoctopuses, lilacs, sunrises, swallowtailbutterflies, diamonds, manatees, sapphires, snowflakes, spiderwebs, icicles, tornados, volcaniceruptions), Zenit (asiaticlions, auroraborealis, blackbears, clouds, polarbears, volcanos, constellations, icicles, amethysts, commonravens, eclipses, rainbows, forests, swallowtailbutterflies, cherryblossoms), april (graywolves, oceans, thesun, grandcanyon, forests, auroraborealis, swallowtailbutterflies, sunflowers, tornados)— Congratulations!
Game Updates: Weekly



It is upon us! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Y'ALL! I hope you guys have had a great month of spook and have enjoyed yourselves. Are any of you dressing up for Halloween? Share your costume plans in the comments and you can take a choice card!

Just a reminder: This is the LAST WEEK for trick-or-treating!! Next week the Shop will have a place for you guys to trade in any leftover Candy for Dewdrops, but the exchange rate won't be quite as good as it is for Trick-or-Treating, so everyone is encouraged to be generous this week. Please also note that Candy is use-it-or-lose it; it will not carry over to next year, so make sure you use it up or trade it in before November 8.

In other news, since we're all probably in need of more decks to collect, I'm excited to announce that November is going to be our first Donation Drive Month! Donation rewards will be doubled during the entire month, and the last two weeks will allow for unlimited donations. So if y'all are of a mind, now would be a good time to start to planning and gathering images :D

Here's a couple of bonus wishes to celebrate the last week of the event:

Chloe, your member card is ready! If you haven't already grabbed it from the Discord server, you can find it here on your site profile.

Finally, if anyone would be interested in helping with deck making, even short-term, please let me know! I'll put more info on the Discord server for anyone that cares to take a look.

And that's about it! I hope y'all have a great week and a Spooktacular Halloween, and as always, Happy Trading!

New Decks

You may take a total of 6 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra from that deck. Comment with what you take!

Or you can use the Update Randomizer to select your cards for you!

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